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  • Simple drop in air filter, no modification to stock air box is required.
  • By adopting a density gradient type structure and gradually changing the filter density from a coarse layer to a fine layer, thus dust of various sizes is reliably captured in stages. 
  • Achieves both high dust collection performance and low resistance throughout its service life.

*Tips: Filter element can be replace with HKS replacement filter without changing the frame.

For RS13 RPS13 VSY10 WSY10 VSNY10 KEN13 JPY32 EB13 HB13 T30 NT30 PNT30 W11 PW11 PNW11 W10 PW10 PNW10 SW10 Y11 WHY10 WHNY10 WEY10 PE52 PNE52 E51 AL(W)E50 AP(W)E50 MY34 HY34 ENY34 Y33 MY33 PH33 H#Y33 ENY33 PY32 Y31 Y30 430 B15 B14 B13 B12CGY60 WGY60 S15 S14 S13 PS13 S12 S110 PS110 KPS110 HF50 FHY33 FPY32 FPAY31 FPY31 V35 R34 R33 R32 R31 R30 BNR34 BCNR33 BNR32 M35 NM35 HM35 PM35 WHC34 WGC34 WGNC34 Y34 Y33 Y32 A33 A32 A31 C26 NC26 FC26 FNC26 C25 C24 J32 J31 HV10 V10 LR50 WHYD21 JLR50 JU30 JNU30 JHU30 C23 N15 N14 N13 Z33 HZ33 H(G)Z31 P(G)Z31 KRZ31 U14 U13 U12 910 G10 P12 P11 P10 U31 U30 NU30 HU30 PR11 HR11 PM12 PNM12 PM11 PNM11 M11 J30 PJ30 PNZ51 TZ50 PZ50 PNZ50 RHNB14 RKNB14 W30 NW30 N13 N30 NN30 PNN30 #Y33 GF31 UF31 HF30 PF30 C35 C34 C33 C32 C31