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Bring out the true value of the turbine and increase the torque.

An intercooler is attached to the front of the vehicle (excluding some vehicle models) in order to maximize the cooling effect by maximizing the flowing wind. The performance, parts composition and layout of the core are determined in order to cool the hot air that is compressed by the turbocharger and to increase the efficiency of filling the engine. In addition, the intercooler tailored to the engine specifications can maximize turbo efficiency.

Increased cooling efficiency = increased torque [R TYPE]

  • Cooling efficiency, which is an important performance of the intercooler, depends on the (front) projected area of ​​the core, the shape of the cooling fins, the flow of air, etc. The HKS has a larger core size compared to the genuine mounted intercooler, expanding the area exposed to the flowing wind.
  • Also, by adopting a new type of cooling fin, the heat dissipation efficiency has been improved. Tank shape is also considered so that compressed air flows evenly inside the core. Due to these effects, the intake air temperature is greatly lowered and the air density is increased. Torque is increased by expanding the range of fuel/ignition settings and increasing the charging efficiency.
  • Assuming sports driving on the circuit, the R TYPE supports from genuine replacement type turbines to wastegate type large air volume turbine equipped vehicles. The turbo power is pulled out regardless of the rotation range, such as rising from the corner or stretching straight.
  • In addition, the weight has been reduced by approximately 25% compared to conventional products of the same size. (Compared to our company)