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While the stock setting is well-made in total, S-style C was setup to fully utilize high rigidity TNGA body and large diameter stabilizer that a stock vehicle is equipped with.
HKS traditional "inverted strut" was chosen for the front suspension enabling high rigid suspension structure to be achieved.
The spring rate increase to reduce the body roll was avoided so while maintaining supple movement and better ride comfort, the reliable handling from the damping force is maintained as well.
Replacement of the springs is available. (Using spring s with the spring rate beyond the recommended rate range may void the warranty.)
Experience the setting exclusively performed for C-HR.
※After lowering the vehicle height, the irradiation range of a millimetre wave radar and monocular camera may become narrow that result in malfunction of TSSP.
HKS will not be responsible for any accident caused by TSSP malfunction after installing this product.
●Required Modification: Cutting a part of a rear stock bump rubber is required.
●Vehicle Height: The values in parentheses are measured when the ride height adjuster is placed directly. (Modification of the stock bump rubber is required.)