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Single cylinder type adopted
Adopted the traditional single cylinder type of HKS suspension that ensures high running performance. Achieves stable running even during lowdown.

Adopt dust boots
It prevents the shaft from being damaged by flying stones from the outside.

Uses PNE coating
By applying a special coating on the surface, it boasts more than 5 times the corrosion resistance compared to general zinc plating. This prevents sticking due to rust, which is the neck of the full length adjustment type. In addition, the smooth surface reduces the force required to adjust the vehicle height.

Adopted M shaft (adopted for φ46 upright type)
A newly designed cylinder shaft adopted from the flagship "M1" of the HIPERMAX series. By making the diameter larger than the conventional one, the hydraulic characteristics can be optimized, and it is possible to generate damping firmly even in the minute stroke area. It is mainly used for the rear damper that affects the riding comfort to achieve a higher quality riding experience.

Adoption of pillow ball upper mount
You can get more precise and sharp handling.

Adopted new shape needle
Newly designed needle is used to review the damping characteristics in the very low speed range and the middle and high speed range, which is the key to handling and riding comfort.

Reduction of unsprung weight
Aluminum members are used for the bracket, ride height and lock nut to reduce unsprung weight. (Excluding some models)

Adopts a 30-step damping mechanism
By installing a 30-step damping force adjustment mechanism, it is possible to set up according to the driving stage such as urban areas, winding roads, highways and the number of passengers.