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Blended and tested based on practical data in various race categories, and proved its performance in a tuning car that has a harsher braking environment than a racing car in terms of weight and engine output. The HKS brake fluid can be used from streets to circuits depending on the intended use and to provide reliable braking.

3 variant currently available:

Brake Fluid Racing Pro:

  • High dry boiling point of 333 ℃ and the highest performance in Japan, equivalent to DOT5.1 standard
  • Performance to withstand full braking from 330km / h with R35 GT-R (our 1300hp specification)

Brake Fluid Sport:

  • Achieves performance equivalent to the DOT 5.1 standard that allows you to drive from the street to the circuit with peace of mind.
  • It has a higher boiling point than general street brake fluid, and its kinematic viscosity at high temperatures is also high, so a firm pedal feel can be obtained even when driving on a circuit

Super Brake Fluid:

  • Suitable for use in hydraulic brakes and clutch
  • Keeps the car's brake system clean throughout its life.
  • Compatible with other brake fluids of Glycolic based classes DOT-3 and DOT-4