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  • It is possible to measure the air-fuel ratio with high accuracy using the Bosch A / F sensor. (A / F sensor included)
  • The knocking state can be heard with headphones, which is useful for setting fuel and ignition control data using F-CON V Pro, etc.
  • By setting the knocking judgment conditions, knocking judgment and knock level display can be performed.
  • The air-fuel ratio and knock level can be output as a voltage signal. By incorporating it into F-CON V Pro etc., it is possible to control air-fuel ratio feedback, knock retard, etc.

Main Specifications

  • Two A / F sensors can be used at the same time (Bosch A / F sensor adopted)
    V-type engine and multi-cylinder engine can measure A / F value for each bank with one unit.
  • Two-unit configuration of display / operation unit and amplifier unit (color LCD adopted)
    Unified display design with EVC etc.

  • Knock sensor A digital filter is used for signal processing (adopted from this model).
  • Noise from the knock sensor is reduced, and unnecessary noise due to engine vibration, etc. is cut.