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Extra Cruise EC-Type
  • Braking force and wear resistance that is higher than that of stock pads
  • Comfortable with low noise! In addition, it is economical because it also wear off the rotor less
  • Better initial bite & low brake dust
  • Similar to factory pads, "pad indicator" is already installed (on models originally equipped with indicator)
  • 0 - 450 deg C


Extra Speed ES-Type

  • Higher level braking power and heat resistance for sports driving on highways and winding roads
  • High fade resistance and stable braking performance
  • Similar to factory pads, "pad indicator" is already installed (on models originally equipped with indicator)
  • 0 - 600 deg C


Ultra Low Dust M-Type
  • Brake dust is greatly reduced without sacrificing stopping power!
  • Stable operating friction level for superior brake control
  • Comfortable for passengers because of smooth braking power build-up gradually with pedal effort
  • The rotor aggression is surprisingly low, and it also greatly contributes to extending rotor and pad life
  • 0 - 500 deg C


All Round High Performance Z-Type
  • As the name all-round suggests, it is an ultra-wide range model that handles street sports driving to circuit driving.
  • Linear effectiveness at low temperatures, essential for street sports pads, and mild rotor aggression
  • Stable effect in high temperature area on circuit, high fade resistance
  • Best match for high grip radial tires
  • 0 - 850 deg C 

For CB1 CB3 CB2 CB4 CD3 CD4 CD5 CD6 CF3 CF4 CF5 CL1 CL3 CL7 CL8 CL9 CB6 CB7 CD7 CD8 CB9 CE1 CF2 CF6 CF7 CH9 CL2 CB1 CB3 CB2 CB4 CE4 CE5 CB3 CC4 CC5 EK9 EU3 ES3 EP3 FD1 FD2 FD2R FD3 ZF1 ZF2 GP4 CB5 CC2 CC3 UA1 UA2 UA3 UC1 DC2 DB8 DC5 KA3 KA5 KA6 BA8 BA9 BB1 BB4 BB5 BB7 BB6 BB8 CE4 CE5 JW5 AP1 AP2 CF3 CF4 CF5 CB5 CC2 CC3 RE91S RF91S ZC31S YA41S YB41S

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