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PD TYPE! Plain 1 piece Ventilated Disc.
Standard type disc rotor that supports a wide range of applications!
  • In recent years, anti-corrosion treatment, which is often used even for normal products. A long-selling product that has been anticorrosive coated on all products.
  • In terms of accuracy, parallelism, thickness, etc. are set at a high level to succeed in suppressing squeal and vibration.
  • The FC material is exquisitely mixed with various additives such as carbon and silicon to improve strength, heat resistance and crack resistance!
  • Wide range of products from domestic cars to imported cars, mini cars to minivans / SUVs

    High carbon materials are used in sports cars and vehicles with heavy brake loads to improve durability compared to conventional products.

* This package does not have slits or dimples that are processed by us.

SD TYPE! Slotted 1 piece Ventilated disc!
Safety brought by plus 20% braking force!
  • In various simulation tests, the friction coefficient is up to 20% higher than the PD type!
  • 20% improvement in braking performance improves vehicle safety! Allows for plenty of driving!
  • The number of slits is set to 6 in consideration of various cases such as squeal, wear, and gas removal effect!
  • For the slit width, angle, depth, etc., select the optimal value from the actual battle data.
  • Reverse rotation (reverse rotation) is adopted to obtain a higher shaving effect in the rotation direction.
  • Succeeded in suppressing judder by offsetting the slit position with the outer / inner