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Strut bar, a body-reinforcing entry part that exerts high effects

  • While the car is running, the body is flexed, twisted, and distorted at an invisible level due to external force (input from the road surface). A rigid body has less distortion, and a less rigid body has more distortion.
  • What happens when the body is distorted? Bending the body to a certain extent may improve comfort because it absorbs the impact from the road surface. However, if the body is distorted, the power that you want to convey to the road will be absorbed, which will also lead to a decrease in cornering performance and traction performance.
  • Therefore, in order to enjoy sports driving, it is essential to increase the body rigidity, but the most convenient and effective way is to install the front strut bar. The area around the strut tower, where the suspension is fixed, is the area where it is easy to receive input from the road surface. Car manufacturers that prioritize costs sometimes adopt genuine strut bars on the front to improve handling performance. It is a body reinforcement part that can achieve such a great effect.
  • The strut bar is a "stretch bar" that firmly suppresses such deformation of the left and right strut towers. The Cusco strut bar, which is developed by feeding back the experience of participating in motor sports for many years, has a lineup of various types in pursuit of the best for each model.

Aluminium shaft and strut bar

  • Uses a lightweight aluminium shaft with a simple round cross-section
  • Basic type with top priority on function, outstanding rigidity improvement effect
  • Steel plate finishes with blue finish