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The role of the stabilizer is to properly control the inclination (roll) of the vehicle body that occurs when the car turns.
  • Since Cusco's stabilizer has the best spring constant setting according to the car model, it suppresses the roll amount without changing the riding comfort. It has the effect of improving fluctuation when driving at high speed and improving stability when changing lanes.
Combination with normal suspension
  • Stability is improved when driving at high speed or changing lanes due to reduced rolls.
  • The feeling of lightness at the rear is also reduced.
  • For minivans, one-box cars, etc., it is also effective as a measure against car sickness in the rear seats.
  • Combination with reinforced shock absorber
  • In addition to the above effects, strengthening the shock absorber makes the movement of the car sharper.
  • Combination with low down spring
  • Since the stroke of the suspension (the amount by which the tire moves up and down) is reduced, rolls are reduced and handling becomes sharper.
  • Combination with vehicle height adjustment suspension kit
  • Roll is suppressed, high-speed running is stable, and handling is sharp.
  • Effects in sports driving and competition
  • It is possible to improve steering response and correct steering such as understeering and oversteering.